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A New Way to Use Video with Vine

Since Twitter unveiled Vine last month, the app has been growing and growing (literally and figuratively). Vine is an application that allows users to create six second video clips that play on a loop. They can be uploaded via iOS phones to Twitter or the Vine community and even allow for keywords, hashtags, etc. This may seem like a simple, silly app but brands have flocked to Vine to use in their online marketing ventures. While we can’t predict how long this trend will last, or if it really is the “next big thing”, we applaud the creativity from companies and taking the leap with Vine.

Below are examples of how companies are marketing with Vine:

To build community: @NBCNews created a Vine to promote the use of their hashtag #WhyILoveTheNews

To give a behind the scenes look: @butterLONDON shared a Vine with their online community from a recent event

To promote a new product: @TacoBell is using Vine to get customers excited about a new taco!

To celebrate a milestone: @TIME shared a Vine celebrating 90 years of TIME’s Person of the Year

To build excitement: Get your followers excited about your brand! For example, @RollingStone unveiled part of their next cover piece by piece leaving viewers on the edge of their seats!

  To host a contest: While @WarmBodies didn’t use a Vine to promote their new contest, they are asking users to submit Vines in order to win. A cool idea that builds community!

  There were virtually hundreds and thousands of examples of Vine’s we could share with you! Right now, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this app. The cool thing is that your marketing team has the chance to get very creative using Vine! The question remains…will it last? What are your thoughts on Vine? Share below!

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