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LinkedIn ads- giving a businesses the edge

LinkedIn ads-How do they work:

And last but not least are LinkedIn ads.  This platform lets your business deliver advertising to people with certain qualifications or titles.  As not much interest is placed on personal interests here, when setting up a LinkedInAds campaign special emphasis is placed on targeting users through job title, industry, seniority or by LinkedIn Groups.  LinkedIn Groups are especially popular as they are a great way to reach targeted individuals who may be pursuing topics similar to yours- you may even become a talking-point in their Group!

LinkedIn Ads-The Low-Down:

Where Facebook’s platform excelled in business-to-client advertising, LinkedInAds picks up the pieces and pushes forth as a victor in business-to-business advertising.  The website is already geared towards a business frame of mind so, for example, if a business is actively seeking out a printing company and your ad pops up- you’re in luck!

LinkedIn Ads-The Cost:

Much like Facebook, what you spend is very much up to you- Cost Per Action (CPA) or Cost Per Impression (CPM), you choose.  In addition to a one-time starter fee of $5, a minimum daily budget is set at $10 per day.  The minimum CPC is $2 per click, while CPM is $3 per thousand impressions.  Not to mention, your ad isn’t guaranteed to spend your full daily budget each day.  The competitiveness, size of the market, etc. for the day determines how much attention you may receive.  If you choose to go with this platform make sure you stay alert of spikes in costs, as LinkedIn Ads has been gaining speed in popularity. So there you have it- the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn’s advertising platforms.  Now it’s your turn, are you up to the challenge? Give your business’ social media management a boost and experiment with the platform that seems most beneficial for you.  If it seems a bit much to handle by yourself never fear the team at SocialNicole is on hand to help you set up a strategy and get started. Contact us now to get started. Photo Credit 1  

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