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To Be On LinkedIn or Not to Be? That is the Question!

LinkedIn For BusinessThat is the question that everyone is asking nowadays. LinkedIn launched in 2003, has increasingly gain members and popularity all over the world. It is currently the world’s largest professional social media networking website.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Pages is almost a must for your business. If you don’t have one for your company, now is a great time to start one. Why? According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, the United States alone has over 74 million people connected to LinkedIn! These include the most educated and most influential people for making business decisions. Being equipped with a LinkedIn Company Page will open an abundance of opportunity for business and professional growth.

Here are 4 reasons why LinkedIn Company Pages should be considered for your business:

Build Brand Awareness Whether your business is small or big, having a LinkedIn Company Page will help build brand awareness. LinkedIn Company Pages can be used as a tool to highlight company products and services as well as highlight company accomplishments. Keep in mind that there are over 74 millions users. LinkedIn has a very diverse professional audience. These people are potential customers, other business professionals wanting to grow their business or are looking for services, college graduates and more. Networking and Business Growth Potential It also enable companies to expand their network by connecting with other companies and professionals in the same industry. Business forums may be created for business growth and advice. Being connected to other professionals will also help increase business credibility in the business community. These relationships will not only help business but also establish a positive web presence. Find Great Industry Research Another great feature about LinkedIn is that they provide research and market polls. Having a LinkedIn Company Page allows companies to conduct research prior to launching campaigns and gathering information about potential customers. Keep an Eye on the Competition Since all LinkedIn pages are public, having a LinkedIn Company Page will easily provide competitor business updates and strategies. This makes it convenient to keep track of your competitors and plan for future campaigns or change marketing strategies. So what do you think of LinkedIn company pages? Share your thoughts below! And as always, SocialNicole is here to help if you’re interested in getting started on LinkedIn!  Photo Credit

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