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How To Like Facebook Pages From Your Page

Facebook is always changing. You may or may not have noticed you can no longer perform actions on Facebook as a Page in the same way you could before. This made the process to “like” other Pages a little bit confusing. Here is a quick snapshot of the 2 different ways you can “like” Facebook Pages from a Page account.

Option 1:

The first way you can “like” a page is from your  your Page Feed.

1.  Open your Facebook Page and scroll down to the analytics column on the left side of the screen. This will bring you to your “See Pages Feed,” where you are able to see activity and posts from the Pages you have liked in the past. Click “See Pages Feed.”

Page Feed View like facebook pages

2. In order to “like” new pages, click on the green “Like Other Pages” button on the upper right side of your screen. Once you click on the “Like Other Pages” button, you can search for and “like” the other pages.

Like Facebook Pages

Option 2:

The other way you can “like” page is by searching and viewing the page you want to like.

  1. Type in the name of the Page you want to find on Facebook from your Page’s search box. Click on the page that you want to view from the dropdown menu. This will direct you to the page you want to “like.”

Liking pages

2. Once you are on the Page you want to “like” you will see a button with three dots in the cover photo area of the page. Click on this button and a drop down menu will appear. It will have the option to “Like as your page.” Click on that and you will “like” that Page from your Page account.

Liking Facebook pages In a world of ever changing technology its important to know when social media channels have made changes that can impact the way you interact with clients online. Sign up to receive our latest social media advice and tips.

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