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Leveraging Your Business Social Media for the Holidays

social media for the holidaysIt’s no secret that social media is all about timing. Figuring out when your customers are online is key, right? Here’s a tip: Your customers are online during the holidays more often than usual. While we’re all spending quality time with family, traveling, or indulging in holiday treats, most of us aren’t off the social clock. We’re constantly checking our cell phones and sharing personal social media posts – and your brand should be, too. The holidays are an excellent time to be more active on your company’s social media channels, starting now.

Our Best Tips: Social Media for the Holidays

Be Ready, Be Savvy.

Use the holidays to generate buzz and build excitement. This spirited time is perfect for sharing seasonal social media campaigns and promotions. You can even add holiday cheer to your social media templates. Share holiday highlights by featuring photos of employees’ decorations or product gift guides on social media channels. Get in the spirit and boost engagement by asking followers about their favorite holiday music, activities, and treats.

Plan Ahead.  

Strategize by creating a content marketing calendar for the holiday season. Outline events, promotions, and important dates to organize and streamline marketing efforts. Prepare a list of relevant Facebook and Twitter hashtags for the holiday season.  Use social media management tools to schedule Facebook posts, tweets, and email campaigns. Hosting a Facebook contest? Keep Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines in mind. While scheduling social media posts will help you stay organized and save time during the holidays, remember to share additional updates in real-time.

Additional Holiday Tips:

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