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Jumping In A Freezing Lake: Minnesota Insanity for a Good Cause

deep freeze dunk  

Want to push me into a freezing lake? Click here to donate!

Once again this year I am jumping into an ice cold lake in the middle of the coldest month of the year in Minnesota. If you follow our blog you already know the answer to the big question of why… But in case you are new let me bring you up to speed. In Minnesota we like to really enjoy winter and one way to do that is to think of wacky things we can do outside in the cold. So why not go jump in a lake and while you are at it raise some money for a nonprofit? The event I am participating in is called the Deep Freeze Dunk and all the proceeds go to Haiti Outreach to help build clean water wells and schools in Haiti. Haiti Outreach is a Minnesota based nonprofit that employes over 40 people in Haiti. They work to create community supported sustainable wells and schools which means that when Haiti Outreach leaves the people can maintain their wells and schools and thrive. It’s a great cause and I am excited to participate once again. Our team goal this year is to raise $10,000 and we are almost half way there. We have an amazing group of people all recruited from Twitter. Our team is called the Disco Dunkers and includes: @TheSuss – Danny Sussman- my nemesis – last year I beat him by raising $2,000 to his $1,600 so this year he is out to win! @MyProject50 – Sue Claude @AlisonDermer – Alison Dermer @MeetErica – Erica Hanna @LifeWithLevi – Jen Jamar @Lauren_Bubser – Lauren Bubser and of course me! Although we raise as a team, we are also all competing against each other – so to keep my edge I have offered clients of mine an extra incentive. If they sponsor me with a $250 donation I jump in once for them wearing their logo t-shirt. So far I have two amazing sponsors that I want to thank: Dunn and Semington Printing and Design in Minneapolis and Lyn Lake Chiropractor in Minneapolis And of course a big thank you to all my donors who make this so much fun each year. Want to join in and tell me to jump in a freezing lake? Click here to donate!

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