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Using Instagram Video for Marketing

instagram video for marketing

When Instagram unveiled their new Instagram video feature, many weren’t sure what to make of the new addition. Sure, the ability to record up to 15 seconds of video, filter the footage, and share that product with the world sounds like a fun idea for individual users, but how could this aid the average company’s marketing plan?


First of all, Instagram video is yet another free marketing tool that has 130 million people using it every day. Marketing on social media has grown to be diverse and rather complicated, but this feature proves to be easy to use. Instagram video easily produces semi-professional looking videos that require little to no skill – you don’t have to be an expert at video recording and editing to have a very successful Instagram marketing video. It’s a fun and easy tool that provides its very own filters and allows you to edit each segment and delete unwanted frames. The simplicity of the feature allows for an even playing field. Yes, those who have vast experience in creating marketing videos might seem to have a leg up, but learning to use Instagram video’s features in a creative way will be what separates the success stories from the film flops.


Instagram video gives you the opportunity to stand out. Your business already strives to create and share quality content on every other channel and Instagram video should be no different. Lots of individuals and companies are excited about the feature, meaning many will simply jump on the bandwagon without being strategic and intentional about what they’re creating. If your business takes their time, putting real effort into making an amazing 15 second video, you’re sure to stand out as users scroll over other generic, poorly put together footage.


Instagram video gives your business the opportunity to be themselves. There’s no special mold to squeeze into – you can use Instagram video however you want. It’s time to think outside the box. Use Instagram video to create a visual portfolio of your company’s past work. Ask questions of your customers and invite them to respond with Instagram photo responses. Shoot a demo of how one of your products works. Show off your latest monthly special or merchandise promotion. Do something different. Your videos don’t have to be cookie cutter. You have 15 seconds of unique marketing time – use every second to showcase your creativity and individuality. Check out even more ideas from Social Media Examiner on how to uniquely connect with your target audience using Instagram video. Interested in using Instagram video to get your company’s name out there but don’t know where to start? Contact SocialNicole – we’d love to help!

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