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Instagram Video: How the New Feature Changes This Social Channel

Instagram video

About 130 million people use Instagram. 16 billion images have been shared via Instagram alone. This photo sharing channel has become a popular one, easily integrating itself into users’ daily lives. And they’re not ready to stop at photos. Instagram video is the channel’s newest feature – and it sounds like a cool addition. But what is Instagram video and how could it change the way we use Instagram?

How It Works

When using the Instagram video feature, you have the option of uploading a video that you’ve taken already, with the assumption that it meets the size requirement. You also have the option to record your own video right through the Instagram app, providing it’s no longer than 15 seconds. To supplement this new function, Instagram also provides 13 different filters available to edit the video frames. It gives users the ability to delete certain frames from the video before posting, too. Instagram video also lets you choose a frame to set as your video thumbnail, so you have control over what still thumbnail you show your followers. You post your video to the app just as you would a photo, and your followers can choose to watch your shared video with the click of their finger as they scroll through images.

What Does This Mean for the Social Channel?

Though this is an additional fun feature, Instagram video changes how we see Instagram as a social channel. This new feature is often compared to Twitter’s Vine app, which allows users to record up to 6.5 seconds of video. Instagram’s new addition has already attracted more users than Vine and is predicted to increase. It is almost inevitable that some or most of the 130 billion users will start using this new function. Vine and Instagram video each have their pros and cons, but depending on the preferences of each user, both social media platforms will retain or lose users. Instagram has both the option of still shots and video, which gives Instagram more of a variety when sharing images or clips. The new video function allows users to be creative in instant editing video frames. It serves as a micro-vlogging tool that users can use to express and send quick videos. When it comes down to it, Instagram video offers users more variety, exponentially boosting the sharing opportunities within the channel. We want to hear from you! Do you like the new Instagram video? How have you seen it affect your use of Instagram? Share your comments below!

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