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Instagram for Business

instagram Instagram is a great photo sharing social media application that has contributed to some major business success. The good news is, it’s easy to get your business/brand started on Instagram. Start by going to the application store on your phone and download the Instagram app. Then, sign up for an account, add a profile photo (e.g. brand logo) and add a link to your website. It’s how you decide to use Instagram from there that can determine whether or not the application will help contribute to the success of your social media strategy. If you decide to take the application seriously (and not just that thing you come to when you think of it), it can have the potential to open up a world of opportunity for your brand.

Tips for using Instagram successfully:

  • Do your research. Familiarize yourself with the app, and how other businesses like yours are using Instagram for success. In the process, check out the most successful businesses and even check up on your competitors. This will ignite inspiration and some competitive intelligence.
  • Build your Instagram strategy. After you get a sense for what you’re working with, come up with a mission for your Instagram page. It’s best to not aimlessly post, when you can get so much more out of the app. What do you want your followers to know? How do you want to convey that information through the use of visuals?
  • Set business goals. Goals can include increasing sales, generating traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness. Just make sure that the goals you set up in your strategy are both attainable and measurable.
  • Generate a content calendar. Next, figure out how often and when you want to post. Come up with themes of what you would like to post. Using a content calendar will be helpful to keep you on track to make sure you are working toward the goals you have set. Plus, a little extra work at the beginning can save you time later!
  • Build your hashtag reserves.  Especially relevant is being strategic about hashtags. Instagram is a hot spot for unique and somewhat excessive hashtags. Of what hashtags do you want your brand to be at the forefront? Determine what hashtags you would like to focus on. Hashtags can help you reach a whole new audience when you use them effectively.
  • Balance. Come up with a balance of both fun pictures and business pictures. Use the visuals to convey the image of your business but also make your page something your followers want to see and engage with.
  • Engage. Follow your followers back. Respond to your comments. Like pictures. Audience engagement is extremely important if you want your page to be successful.
  • Promote. Promote your Instagram page on your other social media pages. You probably won’t get anywhere with Instagram if nobody knows about it!

In conclusion, Instagram can be a great way to bring your business and brand to life through visual expression while potentially contributing to your overall success. If you have any other Instagram tips, let me know in the comments below!Photo Credit

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