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How to Insert an iFrame into a WordPress Post

Yesterday’s guest post by Jamie Millard discussed one option for creating a transcript to archive on your website. Jamie’s method involved creating an iFrame and inserting the iFrame code onto your website. Today I will walk you through the quick and easy process of adding that iFrame into your WordPress blog post. It is quite simple. 1.  Download and install iFrame Widget from the WordPress.Org Website 2.  Activate the iFrame Widget on your WordPress Site 3.  Switch from Visual to HTML view on the post editor. This is in the upper right hand corner of the main body of the post. See screenshot below: 4.  Place the HTML code that you created using yesterday’s post for the iFrame into the post. Voila, your iFrame is now part of the post. One important note, do not change back from HTML view to Visual view on the editor. If you do this it will disable the iFrame. This is an identified problem with WordPress that has yet to be solved.

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