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Infographics: A Phenomenon of Online Marketing

Chances are you’ve seen them everywhere by now- The Infographic. Versatile and appealing, these visually compelling mediums of communication do a great job of providing complex data in a visual format that is easy for the reader to understand. A mix of design, analysis and writing, the infographic is quickly becoming the go-to medium for businesses and organizations to share their most complicated data. But why? Here’s a glimpse…

  1. They Attract Attention: Infographics’ fantastic use of imagery has the ability to catch people where words oftentimes fail. The creative display of colors, shapes, lines and other visual elements makes each and every infographic unique- and pulls the eyes inward. People are naturally attracted to things that are visually appealing, making infographics downright memorable.
  2. They Are Easily Shareable: The ability to download/upload an infographic takes mere moments. Whether you share them via social media, website, blog, email newsletter or even print them out, it’s easy to share your most important data with the audiences you want to see it. It could even become viral!
  3. They Are Easily Viewed: Human beings are highly visual creatures. We respond much better to visual stimuli, than any other type. And due to busy lifestyles, it’s more difficult than ever to assure your audiences are receiving your data. These days the more a reader can scan something and leave with the same kind of impression that reading would allow, the better. An infographic achieves that!
  4. They Convey Expertise: In order to make an infographic, you need to do a good deal of research. But, in the end, this research will go to show your business as knowledgeable in your industry. And what better way to show yourself as an expert than by sharing your business’ most exciting data?
  5. They Lessen Boredom: Let’s face it, reading long pages full of data is boring. As compelling as the data may be, sometimes it’s the portrayal that makes all the difference between the readers being excited about it- or throwing it in the trash. Chances are, when done right, an infographic won’t end up at the bottom of a trash can.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, your business hasn’t ventured into infographics yet. Still interested in trying your hand at these lucrative tools? What do you like most about using infographics for marketing? Photo Credit

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