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How to Use Social Media Tools – What’s Right for Your Business?

how to use social media In the sea of social media tools sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning while trying to decide which ones are appropriate to use for your business. It’s one thing to learn how to use social media tools for general use, but making specific decisions about which social media tools to use for your business is a little more complicated. There are countless effective tools out there, but not every one will meet your specific business goals. There are a few key questions you need to ask about your business to discover which social media tools will work for you:

What do you want out of a social media tool?

Each tool will offer your business a different experience, so it’s crucial to understand your needs before making a selection. Do you want your tool to help improve workflow? Are you interested in keyword monitoring and listening? Do you want better engagement across several networks? Are you evaluating user engagement over time or for a specific campaign? Maybe you want an all-in-one view of your social media channels or an in-depth analysis of your entire social media marketing program. These are all important ideas to decide on before trying new tools. Create a concrete list of your needs so as you’re comparing numerous tools, you have an easy way to evaluate which one most closely meets your needs.

How big is your business?

A lot of decisions about your social media management tools will depend on the size of your business. Small businesses who are just starting out might be most interested in simply increasing their visibility. Others may consider self-promotion and connection with customers to be key components in their use of social media. Overall, finding ways to individually connect with customers is crucial for small businesses and a management tool that allows you to personally respond to messaging across all channels with ease might be more important for your small business. Larger businesses may find evaluation of competitors to be of utmost importance. These difference are natural, but should be taken into consideration when selecting a tool. Another key element to consider is your budget for these additional tools. There are varying levels of expense and this is an obvious barrier for many small businesses. Keep in mind that most of these tools include a free trial – use this to get a feel for each tool before laying down commitment in cash.

What are your overall goals?

Evaluate your overall social media goals. You should already have written down what you want/need out of a tool, but take it a step further to decide how a tool can help you reach your overall social media goals. Do you want to increase your reach? Are you interested in evaluating competitors to better develop your content? Do you want to increase chatter about your brand across the web? Are you looking to increase the value of each of your posts? Decide if your overall goals are more management or measurement focused. All the social media tools out there have been created to benefit you – but they’ll only help you reach your goals if you know what your goals are and choose a tool specifically based on those aspirations. Each and every business has different goals when it comes to social media management and measurement. Remember that choosing which tools to use for your business is a process – try out a few and see what works best to meet your needs! Interested in getting some help to discover how to use social media tools for your business? Contact SocialNicole – we’d love to help! Photo Credit 

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