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PitchEngine: Another Tool in Your PR Belt

Looking for an easy way to get your latest news out there, and share it with the world with just a push of a button?  Look no further! PitchEngine is a service that allows companies an easy way to publish news, rather than simply creating a traditional press release.  A huge asset to any organization, PitchEngine puts you in the driver’s seat. While the traditional route may just be loading a PDF to your website or pushing out a press service without any follow up, PitchEngine provides a much better alternative. With PitchEngine you create a “Pitch” to share news, announcements or promotions directly with your customers and community. In addition, PitchEngine gives you the power to pitch search engines directly and obtain high-ranking on those search engines- a valuable SEO tool! PitchEngine also gives you the ability to share your news with your social networks, website, email and more. This is a useful feature as more and more companies are trying their hands at social media outreach, instead of depending solely on traditional public relations to get a story into the arms of the media. However, PitchEngine is not simply a service with social media press release offerings, such as PR Newswire or Businesswire. These services offer “social services” such as video additions and social links. With PitchEngine you create bite-sized content that people can process quickly and share easily.  The content is powerful and drives traffic from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social websites, as well as major search engines like Google and Bing. Created from the ground up to be a social press release service, PitchEngine listens to their users- and with over 30,000 companies currently using their service it’s safe to say they definitely have developed a worthwhile platform.

Below is what a PitchEngine Newsroom looks like:

Other unique PitchEngine features:

  • Set up a newsroom on your website. You can either embed the RSS feed on the website, use an iframe, or simply add a link to the website that takes people to the company PitchEngine newsroom. The flexibility of PitchEngine allows companies to use it however it works best on their website.
  • The PitchEngine Facebook App allows you to add the newsroom as a tab on a client’s Facebook page.

For most small and mid-sized companies the ability to employ a public relations company to pitch your story to media is somewhat limited.  PitchEngine allows small and mid-sized businesses a chance to get their news, announcements and stories published.  Keep in mind, though, that PitchEngine can never take the place of true traditional public relations. Rather, compliments the traditional public relations platforms and, when used with solid social media strategy that focuses on community building and real engagement with customers, PitchEngine can be very powerful.

Some ways that we have used PitchEngine with our clients include:

  •  Online Press Kits
  •  Enhanced Press Releases (Social Media Releases)
  •  Digital Flyers
  • Announcements
  • Newsroom Builder/Manager
  • Search Engine Distribution and Optimization
  • Social Media Distribution and Optimization

So what do you think?  Would you use PitchEngine? Share your thoughts below!

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