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How to Get More Views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube The thousands of articles on using social media for a small business will tell you that your brand should be personable, helpful and easy to connect with. Although often forgotten, using YouTube to promote your business is a way to engage your audience and another way to get people interested in what you have to offer. As the social media world becomes more and more visual, it’s hard to deny that video is as visual as it gets.

But it’s not enough just to upload videos. Having videos with no views is pretty much the same as having no videos at all, so the big question is how to get more views on YouTube?

1. Share your videos on other social media sites.

Having your video shared on social media channels other than YouTube increases its SEO. Besides, every view counts. As Facebook videos get over 1 billion views per day, it’s in your best interest to share!

2. Have a catchy thumbnail.

A thumbnail on YouTube is what image is shown on the video before you click on it. Ask yourself– does it represent the video? Does it put forward your company’s best self?

3. Collaborate.

Find other YouTube users who are similar to your channel or complement it, similar to how you’d get started on Twitter. Do a collaboration video with them. This way, the people who watch your videos will see it along with the other user’s subscribers and fans. It’s a great method to expand your network.

4. Make a title with popular keywords.

If your title is packed with obscure words that nobody searches, nobody will stumble upon your video. It would be wise to title your video something that would be found easily, even accidentally.

5. Get more subscribers.

Maybe this one is obvious to you. If someone subscribes to your channel, they will see your newly posted videos on their YouTube homepage. To get subscribers, it is similar to getting views. Follow the steps from above as well as posting videos often!

6. Tag your YouTube videos.

Similar to the title, tag keywords that are popular as well as related to your video’s content. Try tagging the city or location of your business as well. With these tags your video will be associated with other videos similar to your own. I hope these tips on how to get more views on Youtube are helpful for you! If you have a small business, large business, or even if you’re just trying to promote a talent, moving forward with these tips in mind can really boost the views on your videos. Try them out and let me know how it goes! — Photo Credit

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