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How to Get Followers on Twitter | Build a Real Audience to Grow your Business

Free Twitter Followers It’s safe to say that we all want to know how to get followers on Twitter. More followers means more interaction, and more interaction means more opportunities. What is there not to love about more Twitter followers? Check out the tips below to see how to build relationships with your followers and how to get more of them!

1) Buttons. Display your Twitter button clearly on your blog or website. Make the button apparent and refer to it so that others can notice and allow them to follow you. Promote your Twitter candidly and inform others of the benefits of following you on a certain platform rather than all of them.

2) Retweets. It isn’t Twitter if you aren’t retweeting. Oftentimes, people only read what is on their newsfeed rather than searching. Stay on top of your A-game by posting often, but with quality content that will engage your readers.

3) Engagement. Engage in conversations, including others who may be an inspiration to you or someone you respect. By including their @name in the tweet, you allow a conversation to form. After all, social media is social!

4) Brands. Brands are a big deal, just like retweeting back to someone. Businesses small and large alike pay attention to tweets about their company. When you reach out and tweet something engaging, in return they might retweet you and from that, their followers will be exposed to your Twitter profile.

5) Guest posts. Guest posting on other platforms allows you to extend your reach as well as expand your content. Not only will you have a chance to deliver good content to a new audience, you will have the chance to connect and engage in dialogue, building relationships with more and more people.

6) Location. Build a following using your location. Location can help when you have it displayed on your profile and/or mention it in your tweet or in a #hashtag. People like to follow others who live nearby to help network in their communities.

This might sound easy enough, but the big test is incorporating it into your routine when tweeting. To break it down, keep it simple, keep it high quality and of course, no matter what, keep building that dialogue. Follow these tips on how to get followers on Twitter and let me know how it goes! For more information on how to gain a greater following on Twitter, contact me or leave a comment below and we can build your Twitter following together! — Photo Credit

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