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How Social Media Affects SEO

How Social Media Affects SEO Is social media the new SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Not quite. In fact, many people don’t realize that social media directly impacts your brand’s search engine optimization efforts. But how social media affects SEO might surprise you. Social media works with SEO to determine your brand’s visibility, and it has become a top ranking factor on search engines. So, how does social media change SEO?

1.    Search Ranking

Social media sharing determines your search engine ranking. When social media users share links to your content, search engines read the activity as a confirmation of quality content. This is favored on search engines, so your links will be ranked higher and indexed faster. Links that are not shared on social media will have significantly lower visibility.

2.    Indexing Time

Similar to search rankings, indexing time is affected by social media sharing. If a topic is trending on Twitter, links to related articles will be indexed faster than non-tweeted topics. This is especially important for current news, as social media can cut indexation time by 50%.

3.    Author Authority

Google+ members have an advantage when it comes to Google author rankings. The search engine is integrated with the social network, which allows an author’s name to appear next to search listings. To do this, simply include the rel=”author” tag on your website. This will ensure that the websites you create content for are linked to search results. Google +1s are also the greatest social factor in search rankings for  links.

What does this mean for me?

How can you begin using these factors to your advantage? Start by reviewing your business’s social media pages. Be sure that correct information about your brand is featured and that keywords related to your business can be found across all platforms. Create quality content regularly, and share it across social channels. Need help navigating social media and SEO for your brand? Contact SocialNicole today!   Photo Credit

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