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Shooting for Success: Holding a Google Hangout On Air

Google Hangout On Air

Don’t let distance impede your work – Google Hangout On Air makes it easy to work and communicate with colleagues or clients. Not only does Google+ Hangout on Air make it easier to work, but it also gives you an opportunity to receive feedback from your customers. Unlike other platforms such as Skype and traditional emailing, Google+ Hangout allows up to ten people at a time to actually interact with each other on the video chat, while allowing an unlimited amount of people to view the screen. All that is required is that you have a Gmail account. Google takes the incredible Hangout experience even one step further with Google Hangout On Air.

Prep For Your On Air Event

Google Hangout On Air allows you a public forum to which you can invite customers or whomever you feel your business may benefit to hear from. Before your On Air event, send out reminders as it gets closer and work to put a lot of media attention around the event to hype things up so that the public is aware of what will take place On Air.

Promote Your Brand

Once it’s time to host the live On Air event, the excitement begins. On Air events allow for face-to-face interaction with customers instead of written messages via email, Twitter, Facebook, or other social sites. This public On Air event will let you address concerns directly with customers or hear positive feedback about your business or product. Though only ten people can participate at once, an unlimited number can tune in, meaning that your business will have the opportunity to promote your brand to an unlimited number of people.

Connect With Great Content

Google+ Hangout On Air can hold public events for viewers to watch and participate in live. Encourage users to tweet questions live or race to post an answer to a trivia question that you’ve asked live On Air. Keeping customers personally engaged can potentially generate attention for your brand or business, while possibly attracting new customers. Having good and relevant content will also keep the Hangout interesting. Viewers like to know what is in it for them if they participate, so be sure to keep them interested by asking questions and maybe even offering coupon or discount incentives. The most exciting part of an On Air Hangout is the opportunity to reach a wide variety of people from all over the world. Google Hangout On Air offers a unique public forum that can help you engage customers in an interesting way, without having to travel or break the bank. Google Hangout On Air is an incredibly useful marketing tool for your business – it’s one that shouldn’t be missed! Learn more about Google+ for business here or contact SocialNicole directly for Google+ help specific to your business!

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