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3 Google Reader Alternatives: What Can We Do About Google Reader’s Demise?

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Yesterday’s news from Google that they were going to kill off their popular Google Reader product was enough to cause me a bit of distress. As a die hard RSS user, I am very unhappy about this. I love Google Reader, have recommended it to all my clients and use it daily as part of my company operations. I love it so much I would be willing to pay for it. Why exactly am I so crazy about it?

  • It allows me to add items with a click of a button and access through my Google login which means I don’t have to remember another password.
  • It integrates with a ton of apps making it really easy to use on mobile and iPads.
  • It has stellar sharing features that allow my team to bundle folders and send them to other team members or clients.

So what can we do? Try to save Google Reader!

Apparently I am not the only person who loves Google Reader. So far over 70,000 people have signed this petition to keep Google Reader Running. Please take a moment to sign it and let’s stop Google from taking away this product we love.

Google Reader Alternatives to Consider

Upon hearing this distressing news (ok I exaggerate but not by much I was very unhappy to hear this news) I immediately jumped online to research alternatives. For me the importance of third party apps that integrate other apps such as MyBuffer and Pocket is important. I also want some assurance (as little as that may be worth these days) that it is not going to go away. Finally, I need it to be easy to use. Here are a few options I have found. I will be testing these out over the next few months and hope to have a decent replacement by July 1, 2013.


  • Feedly is a app that is available on Google Chrome as well as Safari, it is also available on iPhone and Android mobile Devices. It is a free service that syncs with Google Reader so it’s pretty easy to make the switch.



  • Newsblur has received some positive reviews. Check out this review over at Search Engine Land: Need A Google Reader Alternative? Meet Newsblur. It’s accessible through the Web (which I like) and also has an iOS and Android versions.
  • Newsblur has a basic free that limits the number of feeds you can follow, but never fear the premium version is only $1 per month and has no limits.

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  • Fever has caught my interest because it is self-hosted which means you never have to worry if your feed company decides to throw in the towel (thank you Google for doing that with Google Reader). But it is also self-hosted which means you have to have some technical knowledge, along with a server to host it on and well that’s a lot of effort.

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  • Fever is a full reader just like Google Reader, but also has an interesting ability to take the “temperature” within your feeds to find what topics are hot and moves that up to the top of your feed. This has been hailed as a great tool for people who have a hard time keeping up with their feeds and therefore feel they have to limit the number of feeds they follow. With Fever it actually works better to follow more feeds as then it has more data to help take the temperature.


  • I have considered having my developer set this up for SocialNicole, but have decided to wait until we try some other options out before making a switch. It also costs $30 to purchase the software and then the cost to set it up. This will definitely remain on our watch list as a possibility for the future but it may be a good fit for your needs now.

So what are your thoughts on the end of Google Reader? Do you have any similar platforms you use? Share below!  

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