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Growing to Love Google+

google plus for business

Ok, I admit it. I have not been a fan of Google+. There, I said it. I am one of many, many marketers who have literally sat on the sidelines and wished this thing would just go away. I hoped and I prayed for a major fail like Google Wave or any of their other Google attempts at building a social tool. I love social media. I love jumping into new platforms and figuring out how they could be useful to my clients. Yet with Google+, I have been mystified. I have tried a bit to get into it, but could not find my groove. With most social platforms it can take awhile for the user to click and “get it”. When I first got into social I was mystified with Twitter and I just didn’t get it. Then a friend and respected colleague, Jen Kane of Kane Consulting sat me down and explained it. It was crazy as once I got it, and I understand why Twitter was awesome. I am on the verge of feeling the same way about Google+ and I think it may finally have clicked and the lightbulb had gone off. I am getting it and as Google continues to improve the platform and more and more people are using it I am starting to invest more time into learning it and leveraging it. It’s taken time for me to begin to love Google+ and to understand the idea of it being a social layer. But my love is growing and I think others will follow. So there you have it. You are hearing from me right when my aha! lightbulb is going off. I will be writing a lot more about Google+ going forward as I dive into it and integrate it more deeply into my own business marketing plans as well as for clients too. Photo Credit

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