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Google+ Communities 101: The Basics

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Now that we’re finally warming up to Google+ and understanding the new Google+ Updates, we’ve found even more goodies that make us like this platform even more! Google+ Communities are a fairly new concept on the site, but have definitely taken off. Google+ allows you to create different circles with specific users in it that you wish to receive updates from. Yet just because you have them in a circle, doesn’t mean that they will receive updates from you! This is where Google+ Communities come in. It is essentially the Google+ answer to a Facebook Group – but way cooler. Google+ Communities On the left side of your profile, you will see a button under called “Communities” clicking this is like opening a whole new world. Within Communities, you can search for whatever you’re interested in – from sports to movies to bands, it’s all there. Joining a group connects you with people of similar passions and interests and ignites discussion and sharing. The best part is that if there isn’t a community that you’re interested in, you can create one yourself! Similar to Facebook, you can also decide if the community will be public or private. With this feature you can decide who is allowed to post in the group and even if it’s searchable! Another similarity comes with the option of turning notifications on/off. If it’s a very popular community and people post a lot, maybe off is the best option if you don’t want a ton of notifications! The cool thing about Google+ is that you are able to narrow down the discussion. It’s not just post after post that don’t necessarily pertain to a specific topic, but an organized “filing cabinet” of discussions you can go through. For a business, this could be a great opportunity to gain some exposure. You could join groups and discuss relevant topics or even create a community about your business or industry! So what do you think of Google+ Communities? How would you use it for your business? Share your thoughts below! Check out this video from Google to get a more visual look at Google+ Communities:

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