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Connecting Google AdWords to Google Analytics

Connecting your Google Analytics account to your Google AdWords account will give you post click insights into the performance of your paid search advertising.  Using analytics reporting you will be able to measure what happens after a user clicks your ad and comes to your website.  Having AdWords data connected will give you the reports you need to continually optimize your advertising. To connect your Analytics and AdWords you need the following:

  1. A Google AdWords account
  2. Administrator access to the Google Analytics account using the same Google account you use to access AdWords. For example if I login to AdWords using I also need administrative access to Google Analytics to the website profile I want to connect using
  3. You have enabled data sharing across Google products from inside the settings of Google Analytics. This option is by default selected when creating your Google Analytics account.

Next to connect Analytics to AdWords follow these steps:

  1. Login to your AdWords account at
  2. Select the “Tools & Analysis” tab and select “Google Analytics”
  3. You will be asked to either create a new Google Analytics account or select an existing Google Analytics account.  If you already have administrator access to Google Analytics select that option, if not you can create a new Google Analytics account.

4.  You will next be given a dropdown menu with the Google Analytics accounts you have access to.  Select the account you want to connect AdWords. 5.  Make sure that you keep the “auto tagging” checkbox selected unless you have decided to automatically tag your AdWords URL’s with custom tracking parameters. Dustin bioDustin is an online marketing consultant at Konnected Interactive in Minneapolis.  Dustin provides SEO consulting, link building and PPC management for clients to improve online visibility and grow revenue.  Find him online on TwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

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