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Adventure into Flickr: Finding Free Pictures for your Blog

At SocialNicole we write a lot of blogs. Blogs on all sorts of unique online marketing topics, from simple straightforward tutorials (like this one) or in-depth forays into social media strategies. But when it comes time to write these blogs, for me, the task of actually sitting down and pounding out the material is not the difficult part. My biggest challenge is finding a darn picture that will fit well enough with my blog post. By now I hope you would have journeyed into the land of Flickr. If not, take a peek  and set up a profile. Even if you’re not an avid photographer the site is still useful to you, as it is essentially one gigantic storehouse of all types of photographs and graphics. How does this help you? With a Flickr account you now have access to any and every blog post picture you could ever desire! Here’s How: 1. Sign into Flickr. If you have not yet made an account, please do so. It’s free and takes mere minutes. 2. In the upper right corner on the Home page you’ll see a Search bar. Don’t enter anything into the bar. Simply press “Search.” 3. You’ll be taken to a Flickr Search page. To the right, click on “Advanced Search.” 4. On the Advanced Search page you can refine your search results. For our purposes, just enter a word or two related to the image you’d like to put in your blog in the Search For bar. 5. This part is so important. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and put a checkmark in the little box that says “ Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content .” Why is this so important? Because results that come up under this type of search have already gotten permission from their owners to be used for outside-purposes (like your blog.) If you do not put a checkmark in this box and use a picture that is not licensed under Creative Commons you could get into huge trouble with the owner. It’s like stealing another person’s property. 6. Click the big blue “Search” button at the bottom. You’ll see a bunch of results pop up. Here you can simply browse through your options, click on one you like and download it.   Additional Info: See something not licensed under Creative Commons that you enjoy? Email the account of the owner and personally ask permission. Note it could take awhile to hear back. Always always always attribute at the bottom of your blog where you found the picture. Even if it is licensed under Creative Commons, you still need to give credit where credit is due. Can’t find anything worth using? Liven your search up a bit. Is your blog about Aquiring Volunteers? Don’t simply use a dry image of volunteers. Get creative. Maybe a bunch of hands raised in the air to signify a volunteer’s “Choose Me!” attitude? Or maybe a picture of a claw prize machine to signify “Choosing a Volunteer.” Believe me, your readers will appreciate the humor and creativity.   Photo Credit 1

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