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Facebook’s New Ad Buying: Power Editor and Ad Manager

Facebook is a phenomenal way to reach a wide variety of audience from all over the world about your product and/or service. About 1.4 billion people are on Facebook everyday! Chances are your product/service will not be catered to everyone, which is one of the beauties of Facebook ads; you can customize and tailor your ad campaigns to fit your target audience. Facebook has recently simplified the process of buying and making ads to a one-stop shop. Facebook has now combined Power Editor, a free tool used to create and manage ad campaigns, along with Ad Manager. Before, marketers had to separately manage Power Editor and Ad Manager. With the new change, it will be more convenient to manage and create ad campaigns for marketers.

1. What do you want to advertise?

Facebook is a great way to reach a wide variety of audiences for your business. So the question is, what is it that you want to advertise? Is it a product? Service? You will have the option to choose the page that your viewers land on when clicking your advertisement. FB Ad 1

2. Ad Campaign Images

Facebook will allow you to select up to six different images to use for your ad campaign. Each ad will be measured and Facebook will let you know which ad is doing the best for your campaign. The recommended dimensions for these images are 600 x 315. FB Ad 2

3. Edit Text and Links

You will have the ability to customize what your viewers will see. As you customize your ad, the screen on the right will produce an example image of what will appear in your audience’s newsfeed. You can always go back and change the text and links if needed. FB Ad 3

4. Campaign, Pricing, and Schedule

The next step is to manage how much money you will invest in your campaign. You will be able to manage the time your campaign is available for views. FB Ad 4 You will also be given the option to track your ad campaign and manage what you will like to invest in when audience engages with your campaign. FB Ad 5   How do you feel about the new Facebook ad buying process? Share your opinions below!

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