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Benefits of Recruiting on Facebook

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Facebook has been around for over 13 years and with that it has had many changes, but one thing has remained constant and that is that people continue to use the platform even when they complain about it. There are over 1.79 billion users on Facebook and that is a huge number of people that actively use the platform. What is even more surprising is that the average user spends 1 of every 7 minutes of online on Facebook. Targeting this huge audience could be a great opportunity for your business to recruit talent.

Facebook also recently rolled out a new jobs “Tab” that allows businesses to post jobs in a tab on their Facebook page and applicants are able to apply directly on Facebook.

We at SocialNicole have had great success with recruiting on Facebook and want to share how recruiting on Facebook may be beneficial for your organization.

Facebook increases your recruitment pool

We have already stressed the large numbers of users on Facebook, which means your job posting has the potential to be seen by many more users than other social media channels. When you recruit through Facebook you are able to target your audience by location, career type, interests and many other categories.

Facebook established a personal connection with potential candidates

Its no secret that Facebook conveys a personal feel. The company is always striving to tailor your feed to match your interests and highlight posts of your close friends and family. Think back to when you accepted a job offer, were you swayed to take the job because you felt like the company cared about its employees? When you recruit on Facebook you are inviting potential candidates to like your page and interact with your community. This connection can mean a lot when they are making a decision to apply and/or accept an offer.


It becomes more apparent every day that we live in a world where it isn’t what you know it’s who you know. Facebook opens up the door for a wealth of referrals. Current employees can easily share a job posting on Facebook and reach their personal network. Third party referrals also happen as a result of posting on Facebook. One of your friends could see a job posting that is perfect for you and then share the post with you. We have seen this first hand at SocialNicole and it has been very beneficial.

Brand Awareness

Using Facebook as a recruiting tool increases your brand awareness. You are inadvertently increasing your brand awareness in your industry when you recruit via Facebook. You will have a different type of content that drives people to your page and shows that your brand is active on social media.

Cost Effective

Facebook provides you with a seemingly infinite network of candidates and is relatively light on the wallet. If you are already active on Facebook all you need to do is create an ad for the position you want to hire for and target potential candidates.
While recruiting on Facebook can be highly beneficial to your company it also takes time and knowledge to set up ads and target the right people. Need help? Contact us to help create a strategy that will get results and help set up and manage your recruiting campaigns.

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