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Facebook’s NEW Page Inbox

In the ever-changing world of social media, it’s not uncommon to wake up one morning, log into a social media platform and see that things have changed. One platform that makes changes frequently without releasing a ton of background information is Facebook.

Within the last couple of weeks, Facebook has started rolling out a new “Inbox” on various Page accounts. If your account is one of the ones to get this new “inbox” you will no longer have a “messages” tab, but instead you will have an “inbox” underneath the blue Facebook header (shown below). This change is extremely helpful to social media managers as it allows you track notifications across platforms and respond to all comments/inquiries in one area instead of having to shuffle between post notifications.

The “inbox” features three different tabs: Messenger, Facebook and Instagram that will allow you to effectively manage notifications across platforms. You are able to see where you have notifications because there is a little number next to the icon that shows you how many notifications you have to reply to.

The other main feature of the new inbox is that you can mark notifications as “unread,” “follow up” or “done.” Both “done” and “follow up” have corresponding folders. When you mark a notification as “follow up” or “done” it gets moved to the appropriate folder.  

Facebook inbox

The folder system and the ability to mark notifications as done is extremely effective when managing business pages. This system ensures that you or a member on your team are responding to notifications and following up when necessary. Engagement on social media is key to keeping customers happy, and this new inbox will help social media managers and page managers stay on top of notifications across platforms.

Facebook has not yet confirmed when this new “inbox” will be rolled out to all accounts, but so far we have found that the inbox very helpful in managing multiple tasks and keeping track of notifications.

In a world of ever-changing technology, it’s important to know when social media channels have made changes that can impact the way you interact with clients online. Sign up to receive our latest social media advice and tips so you stay abreast on changes taking place across platforms.

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