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#FacebookFriday: How to Post a Photo With a Link on Facebook

Welcome to #FacebookFriday, where those of us at SocialNicole are working to teach you how to use Facebook effectively for marketing your business. We’ll break down the complicated concepts into easy, step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and apply immediately. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to check out all the posts in this series! Are you looking to accelerate your Facebook marketing today? Contact the team at SocialNicole now! We can help you build a Facebook marketing program that will get results fast!

Post a Photo With a Link on Facebook

Now that you’ve mastered how to use Facebook as your business, how to like other Facebook pages, and how to tag other Facebook pages, it’s time to get posting some of your own content! It’s true you can post links to Facebook and a nice little thumbnail and preview of the link will pop up. This is a great way to post a link and easy too. But it’s not the only way to attract attention to the link you are sharing on Facebook. In fact we know that more people click on and interact with photos than with any other type of post, so it makes sense to mix up your sharing of links by attaching photos occasionally to the links instead of using the Facebook preview feature. It’s very simple to post a photo and include a link to lead people to find out more about your post. Here’s how: 1. On the status option, select “Photo/Video.” how to post a photo with a link on facebook2. Select “Upload Photos/Video.” how to post a photo with a link on facebook 3. This will give you the option of uploading an image from your computer. Select “Choose file.” how to post a photo with a link on facebook4. Since the image was uploaded from your computer, it will not direct viewers to a website. You can still provide a link with the image, by adding the link to the post. But those links can sometimes be long and look messy and cluttered. This can often distract and lose potential readers because of the large amount of text. A great way to feature links in posts with photos and keep your page clean and professional looking is to have a shorter URL link. Here’s how:

  1. You may want to have a second tab opened to for convenience.
  2. creating a link to the image online. You may want to have another tab opened to Copy the original link where the image was to post a photo with a link on facebook
  3. Paste the link into Click “Shorten” and this will automatically generate a shorter link.
  4. Click “Copy” to copy the new shortened link.

how to post a photo with a link on facebook5. Write your caption to go with your photo and paste your shortened link into the post.  Select “Post” to post the image onto your wall. Your final post should look something like the one below. how to post a photo with a link on facebook Now that you have learned how to post photos with nice tidy links that lead people to your content. It’s time to take your post to the next level by adding hashtags. Hashtags are beginning to gain popularity on Facebook and they are easy to use in your posts. Check out our #FacebookFriday post titled How to Use Facebook Hashtags for guidance on adding these nifty little tags to your posts. You can find all the #FacebookFriday posts here: 1. How to Use Facebook as Your Business 2. How to Like Another Facebook Page 3. How to Tag Another Facebook Page 4. How to Post a Photo with a Link 5. How to Use Facebook Hashtags 6. Facebook Marketing Tips: How to get your fans talking 7. How to Like and Share a Business Page’s Posts

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