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Facebook Reviews Make or Break Online Marketing Efforts

8560618867_010ae3da7b_z Online marketing is immense. It’s no surprise that many people have a hard time prioritizing all the aspects of digital marketing that all seem equally important. I’m here to tell you that one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of online marketing is the Facebook review. I typically advise clients to identify the different locations online that people may potentially review their brand and focus on ways to increase positive reviews as a major part of their social media marketing efforts. One online location where the opportunity to review brands and businesses is Facebook. Many clients ask me why it matters that they focus on gaining positive reviews on Facebook when there are so many other things for them to be working on with their online marketing. Here are a few reasons why you should not overlook the power of Facebook reviews.

Building a Positive Brand Presence

Facebook reviews help provide transparency and credibility with your customers. It’s true that not all reviews will be positive. But building a positive review base will balance out the negative reviews and help your customers gain confidence in you and your product or service.

Getting More Views on Facebook

The star rating on Facebook is a big factor in the Facebook algorithm that determines whether or not your posts appear in users timelines. More reviews and higher star ratings equals more viewers.

Proving that you rock!

As you have heard me say over and over again, social media marketing is about connecting with individuals and encouraging them to share your content and tell others about the experiences they have with you. Word of mouth is the power behind social media. The more your customers are talking about you the more people will want to learn more about your service or product. Word of mouth is key and reviews are a major way to build that important part of your online marketing. – Now that you understand the importance of Facebook reviews, it’s time to learn about how to manage reviews both positive and negative. Sign up to receive blog posts in your inbox so you don’t miss a thing from the SocialNicole blog. Coming up soon: How to manage Facebook reviews! – Photo Credit

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