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Transitioning to Timeline: Facebook’s New Photo Dimensions

**Updated 1/15/2013 to reflect Facebook cover photo policy changes (in red)** It happened. Everyone’s Facebook Fan Page has now transitioned to Timeline, including yours! Maybe you were prepared for them to flip the switch, but then again, maybe you’re still in the dark. This change now leaves you with not only a whole new design to get acquainted with, but new photo dimensions as well. The cover photo, profile picture and tabs for your links have specific dimensions that, if used correctly, will make your page stand out and look great.

Here Are 3 New Facebook Picture Dimensions You Need to Be Aware Of:

1. The Cover Photo – As you may have seen by now, the cover photo is the latest addition to your fan page. This is your chance to use something other than your logo to make your page pop. The size requirements for the cover photo are 851 x 315 pixels and Facebook has some specific rules to follow when crafting your new image:

Cover images must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not contain:

  • Images with more than 20% text (your logo is included)
  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s About section
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

All cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your Page will be able to see the image you choose. Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property. You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal timelines.

Remember to use a unique image that represents your brand. It can be one you already have or one you create from scratch. One tip to make sure you remember is that your profile picture now sits in the corner of your cover photo. So make sure any text you may have in the left hand corner of your cover photo is situated correctly so your profile picture doesn’t block it. Pillsbury used their cover photo to promote a contest:

Chiptole made sure all text was situated so that it wouldn’t be covered by their profile picture:

 2. The Profile Picture – This image is nothing new to Facebook but it has changed dimensions and you need to be aware of that. The new size requirement is 180 x 180 pixels with a 12 pixel interior border. Your profile picture can remain the same one that you’ve had in the past, generally your logo, but just make sure that it is sized correctly. The profile picture for Lexus illustrates the 12 pixel interior border:

Coca-Cola uses something other than their logo for their profile picture:

3. Tabs – The tabs your followers use to get to your photos, blog, store or any other tab you might include have also changed size. For these tab photos, your goal is to get them to the size of 111 x 74 pixels. This is quite the change so make sure you size it correctly to get the picture to your liking.

Macy’s utilizes their tabs and makes sure the dimensions work for each image:

By following simple guidelines like these, your new Facebook Timeline will look clean, professional and potentially bring in more followers.  Take the time to craft your images to the correct size and you will thank yourself in the long run.

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