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Facebook News Feed Changes – For Better or For Worse?

Facebook news feed changes

It seems like the social media world can’t catch a break! Both Pinterest and Google+ have unveiled site changes and now, Facebook news feed changes are slated to come. In a briefing last week at Facebook’s headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the changes to come and the reasoning behind them.

He laid out three main Facebook News Feed Changes:

1. Rich Stories: Zuckerberg calls it “visual and engaging” and photos will be bigger and videos will be richer. It is redesigned to reflect the way we are sharing now and looks strikingly similar to a newspaper. 2. Your Choice of Different Feeds: Users will be able to select from an array of different feeds to sort through topics you’re interested in. 3. Mobile Consistency: Another change will be an attempt to create mobile consistency – or the same News Feed experience across all platforms both mobile and desktop. These Facebook News Feed Changes come on the heels of the introduction of the new Graph Search and the previous Timeline switch. The updated News Feed is another attempt by Facebook to create a better user experience and a less crowded, more engaging site. One thing users are hoping to see with the switch is a change in the Facebook algorithm – or what they use to help decide what shows up in your News Feed. What are your thoughts on the impending Facebook News Feed changes? Share below! To see Zuckerberg’s comments on the new design watch the following clip: Photo Credit

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