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Facebook Introduces Graph Search

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Yesterday Facebook unveiled yet another update to the social networking site called Graph Search. This new feature essentially acts as a search engine within your Facebook friends. With it you can search common interests within your friends, find restaurants that they have been to, music that they have listened to, photos from certain events and much more. For example, you could search “friends who like baseball” if you’d like to find someone to go to the big game to or “friends who have visited Portland” to get some recommendations on places to visit on your next trip.

Some say that Graph Search will give Google a run for its money. Instead of searching millions of hits on restaurants to try in your area, you can use Graph Search to see where to people you talk to and trust the most have been. Giving users a more personal search experience and possibly better results. While Graph Search does have some similarities, Mark Zuckerburg made it clear that “Graph Search is not Web search” in a press conference.

This new tool could truly change the way we search for things. With a more accurate way to find recommendations and reviews, will some search engines become obsolete?

If you’d like to try Graph Search now, sign up to be a beta user here. Otherwise, you can wait until the role it out to everyone! What do you think about Facebook’s new search feature? Do you see any pros or cons? Share your thoughts below! 

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