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Facebook Graph Search Comes to All Users

Facebook Graph Search Earlier this year, Facebook announced the addition of a new feature: Facebook Graph Search. This feature, which is now becoming available to all users in the United States, acts as a search engine within your Facebook friends. Facebook Graph Search allows you to conduct advanced searches among your friends to discover who matches certain interests, who has been to certain restaurants, etc. Learn more about the new Facebook feature here. Facebook has spent the last few months allowing beta users to test out the new feature and send in feedback to improve it. Facebook notes that improvements include speed of search and accuracy of search. When a user begins typing in a search, Facebook will begin suggesting more relevant potential searches. Facebook also says they now have a better understanding of what users will be searching for and can display the most relevant results first. Now that tens of millions of people have tried out the new feature, Facebook is unveiling Facebook Graph Search to all Facebook users in the United States. Though Facebook says they’re not striving to replace Google, the advanced search’s specificity does seem to threaten larger web searches. What do you think? Have you tried Facebook’s new Graph Search? Let us know your thoughts below! 

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