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How To: Use Facebook Graph Search For Marketing

Facebook Graph Search After Facebook strategically tested their graph search tool and later decided to bring it to Facebook users everywhere, marketers have been wondering what’s in it for them. By the looks of it, Facebook graph search is a marketer’s dream. This incredible tool is a simple way to learn more about your fans and how to market to them – and this can all be done through an easy search. Let’s take a deeper look at how Facebook graph search can significantly aid your company’s marketing efforts.


The first step to utilizing this tool is to learn more about your fans. You can use graph search to gain information about the users who have already liked your page in order to further understand your target audience for new likes. Try searching “favorite interest of people who like (name of your page)” and try to learn what your fans have in common. It’s also a good idea to research the other pages that your fans are liking. This will give you an opportunity to check out other company pages that may be competing for your users’ attention, giving you the opportunity to adjust your content to compete. Use Facebook graph search to paint a picture of your current audience and your future target audience. Dig deep and thoroughly into the demographics of your page, analyzing how gender, age, education, etc. factor into your page’s “like” breakdown. Before moving forward, search anything and everything that you can think of – gathering as much characteristic information as you can is why this engine was built for marketing.


Though it’s crucial for you to be out there seeking information about current fans, it’s also important that you recognize that users will also be using Facebook graph search to seek information about businesses such as your own. One of the best things you can do for your page is take time to make sure it is complete and current. Your business name, category, and information in the “About” section are important. Facebook graph search will be using information in your name and on your page in order to fit your page into searches, so your details need to be correct and appealing to fans. Keep in mind that all web pages, Facebook photos, and Page Newsfeed posts that a user has “liked” are part of the searchable content on Facebook graph search. Therefore, getting a user to “like” you page is more important than ever – the more likes your page has, the more searches you’ll show up in.


Once you’ve taken the time to learn about your current fans and cleaned up your page for optimum graph searches, it’s time to connect with new customers. Use graph search to scope out the competition in your surrounding geographical area and compare your page to theirs. Seek out new users who may have similar “likes” as your current fans. Learn what types of people “like” companies that are similar to your company. The research you’ve already done to learn about your current fans will give you more information to understand how to connect with new ones. For example, you may notice that many of your fans hit the coffee shop near where your business is located. It may be a good idea to share that coffee shop’s monthly special, all while quietly connecting to users. It’s also important that you continue to share quality content on your page. Search results are based on information that’s been shared by individuals and businesses, meaning that interactions between businesses and their fans help the business to score higher in searches. Continue to be intentional and engaging while pushing out quality content that your fans “like,” comment on, and share. With Facebook graph search, the search possibilities are endless. This tool makes finding whatever marketing information you want simple and accessible. Taking the time to learn more about your fans, optimize your company Facebook page, and connect with new customers will make your Facebook marketing experience more successful than ever.

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