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How Facebook’s New Changes Affect You

Facebook-Changes 2014Our topic in last month’s SocialKnow we talked about recent changes to Facebook and how they affect YOU the small business owner, entrepreneur and/or marketer! It was a very valuable report and I was happy to be sharing the knowledge with our community. But guess what? One week later ANOTHER Facebook change was announced! It was big enough that we needed to write about it and make sure to tell our community. S0 we decided to outline Facebook changes again here with the latest to help ensure our community stays up-to-date! If you have any questions after reading this feel free to comment below.

Thumbs down1. Asking for Likes, Comments and Shares is now being penalized.

Facebook just announced that if you “like-bait” your audience your post will not make it into the newsfeed. Even worse, Facebook is threatening to penalize your page by burying all of your posts so your fans won’t see them. Why are they doing this? They are trying to stop spam posts that want people to click. This is disappointing to real marketers who are trying to get the interaction they need to in order to be seen. What can you do? Read our blog post here, where we explain our approach to this news.

Thumbs up2. Personal page changes

The look and feel of personal pages have been updated. I have heard mixed responses to this. One recent complaint I heard is that it takes forever to scroll through, as the photos take up so much screen space. However, on mobile devices it’s quite fast to scroll and works fine. I believe this is the sign of the times. While we know photos are what people love (54% of all people interact with photos), the fact is that mobile is becoming the way people view media. Facebook is investing in creating a seamless mobile experience. What does this mean for you as a small business? Make sure you are accessible on mobile! Your tabs need to be shared via mobile links and you need to be thinking about how long your posts are and whether they are mobile-friendly.

Thumbs down3. Organic visibility is way down.

It’s true, Facebook has tightened the noose. This means that now more than ever you want to look for ways to engage your audience and include strategic promoted posts. Creating a strategy for Facebook is essential. Without one, you are wasting your time and money. Strictly organic posting is not a great approach for most businesses. Start working some ad-spend into your strategy. The benefits of strategic advertising and promoted posts is that you get to create a highly targeted audience and your message will be heard by the right people.

Thumbs up4. Business pages are getting a facelift.

The new look and feel of Facebook is slowly working its way into the business pages. What this means is that your page appearance will change, so some of your setup will need to shift as well. Many business owners are upset about the fact that the tabs will be tucked away from visitors. While I wish that was not happening, it’s not the end of the world. Tabs are most effective as part of your ad strategy rather than enticing visitors who are on your page. My favorite part of this change is that admins will now be able to see the audience engagement numbers immediately. Engagement is so important and is essential to social media marketing. Now, Facebook will make it easier to gauge what you are doing. To see what the new business pages will look like click here. That’s it for the major Facebook changes. We will be exploring more on our blog in the coming months as these changes take hold.

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