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Facebook ads: The next step to building your Facebook fan page community

How Facebook Ads Work:

There are two different types of ads that Facebook allows users to take advantage of.  One version allows users to “like” a page by clicking the “like” underneath the ad, and the other version is where a simple click on the ad will take the user to an outside link – usually the company website or a special company offer page.  The first Facebook ad choice (where a person may like your page by clicking on a link) can help drive more overall traffic and interest to a business since once a business’ ad is “liked,” its page’s updates, posts, links, etc., will be posted on users’ newsfeeds.  This puts your business in interested users’ newsfeeds on a daily basis! Facebook allows potential advertisers the opportunity to personalize and target messages by a host of different criteria pulled from users’ profiles.  What does this mean for your business? If your product or service caters to an interest in sewing, per se, then your ad will have a better chance of appearing on the newsfeeds of whomever’s profiles may have noted sewing as an interest, and so on and so forth.  It also allows geographic targeting as well, but that has seen more success in larger areas such as cities. Example Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads-The Low-Down:

Because Facebook draws its information for targeting your ads largely from personal information on profiles, advertising on its platform for business-to-business has seen considerably less success.  However, the exposure for business-to-client networking through Facebook advertising has the potential to be incredibly lucrative. And many business owners also have personal Facebook pages so there may be a way to connect with decision makers inside a business.

Facebook Ads-The Cost: 

This part Facebook leaves almost completely up to you.  Prices are still pretty low considering the platform is still in development and underused.  You can estimate cost per click (CPC) or per one thousand impressions (CPM) during the creation of your ad.  When your ad is run you’ll only be charged for the number of clicks (CPC) or impressions displayed (CPM).  There are no additional fees- the amount you’re charged will never exceed your daily or lifetime budget you determine through the site’s Ad Manager. Stay tuned for our next installment on the paid advertisement feature of Twitter! Know of a social media platform that you’d like to know more about its opportunities in paid advertising?  At SocialNicole we’re here to help you you- So let us know Photo Credit 1 Photo Credit 2          

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