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My Experimental LinkedIn Adventure


So it’s no secret that LinkedIn is not my top social media tool of choice. For me it has always been there, but only as a great place to have a professional presence. I have spent time building my profile, building my contacts and ensuring an overall top-knotch presence, yet I have done little ongoing and committed structured networking.  I have never truly gone above what is generally expected of any LinkedIn profile user.

But peer pressure prevails! I know many people who swear by the tool as their favorite.  Why is this?  I figure the best way to learn is by a first-hand experience. Therefore I have decided to go all-in for the next month and invest major time in using the social features of LinkedIn. Given my role as a social media strategist I figure it will be good for me to dive in ever-deeper and see what all this chatter is really about. So here is my goal: For the next month (from November 14-December 14, 2011) I will spend a minimum of 1/2 hour per day (M-F) on LinkedIn being strategically social. This is a huge investment of my time and will be a challenge given my current social media footprint Let’s not forget my love affair with Twitter and my community there! It will also be a challenge as my work as principal of SocialNicole Online Marketing means I am always busy managing projects, serving clients and running the business as a whole. I will report back.  Perhaps only at the end, perhaps each week. We will see, as it depends on what I learn and what I have to report back on. Want to make sure you see the results of my experiment? Click here to receive SocialNicole blog posts delivered to your email box and don’t miss a thing. photo credit

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