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Play in the Facebook Game & Get your Fans Cheering

One of the most frequent questions I am confronted with as Community Manager for SocialNicole is, “People are talking to me on Twitter, but how do I get that kind of reaction on my Facebook fan page?” In my experience even if your company has a bustling Twitter feed, sometimes your Facebook page isn’t exactly brimming with excitement to boot. So how do you tackle this? How do you create a Facebook fan page that not only highlights your company, but fosters a community of engaged fans? While there is no magic formula, if you truly want to receive a bigger reaction on your page, these quick and easy tips may push you over that edge: Start Discussions/Ask Questions There’s no better way to get your fans talking than by actively poking them to respond. And there’s no better way to do so than by starting discussions and asking questions. At SocialNicole, we like to use the Facebook Questions application to start poll-type questions. These not only get a better response, but they catch attention more! So what do you attempt to discuss or ask questions about? While typically you’ll want to focus on things in your industry, or even your own company, don’t rule out a day here and there of a random entertaining-type discussion/question. It’ll keep your fans on their toes and excited about your page! Share Only the Best Another question I get asked frequently, “But what SHOULD I be sharing?” There’s really no solid answer here, but use your head. 80% of the time you’ll want to share things that are relevant to your company and its industry. But feel free to share other tid-bits of fun and exciting material now and again. Just don’t go too crazy. For instance, I follow a mortgage company that in the past 3 days I’ve seen shared material on their wall about Barbies and Oreos. While maybe one share would have been okay, this is a little extreme and makes them seem less credible. Learn to walk the line between sounding robotic and sharing too much personality. But only share the best. Encourage Sharing When you do share valuable information on your Facebook add in a line at the end saying along the lines of, “Please share with your friends!” Think of Facebook a little as Twitter in this aspect. In Twitter you WANT your followers to retweet you. The same goes for Facebook. One share can go a long way so you want to be sure you’re asking your fans to press that “Share” button below your posts. Outreach But don’t just focus on yourself- there’s other business on Facebook too! Take the time every day to go through your Facebook and “Like” the pages of other businesses- whether they are in your local area or in your same industry. Heck, even if they are competition! By liking other pages you’re giving yourself another avenue to get noticed and gain more fans. Make sure to also go through your home page and comment, like and share what’s being posted by other businesses. They’ll love your interest and engagement, and will most likely do the same for you! Facebook isn’t all about you (as some people may believe), but it’s also about networking with others and taking an active interest in them as well! Tag, Tag, Tag Sharing material on your wall that you mention an individual or a business in? Tag them! If you’re not a fan of their page, fan them and then tag them! Go the extra mile, because just one simple tag can help you reach out for more engagement. Soon you’ll be tagged in their posts as well, causing more conversations. And that’s what you want. Get a Comment, Leave a Comment Now once you start getting that engagement you want, such as getting more comments on your Facebook posts, you’ll want to keep that momentum going. After all, if your fans wanted to talk to a wall they could do that at home. So as soon as you see a comment, make sure you’re responding in a timely manner. My rule is no more than a day. It’s not only great customer service, but it also shows your fan that you do care about what they have to say. It’s All About Them Last but not least, word everything towards your fans. This may seem like a difficult task, especially when your Facebook page is supposed to be highlighting your company. But your fans are more likely to comment on material you have posted if it relates to them and their interests. So yes, you can talk up your company- but show them why it’s meaningful to them too! No one is going to want to share or comment on shared material on your page that is too boastful. Facebook is just another avenue to provide great customer service- so keep that in mind!   Photo Credit 1 Photo Credit 2

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