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Discovering paid advertising on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon Ads-How It Works:

Hopefully by now you’ve brushed up on the StumbleUpon blog posts here at SocialNicole and are fully aware of how to  use this beneficial social media tool.  If not never fear go ahead take a moment to read them now: Stumbling Around the Web and  Creating a Community of Stumblers for Your Business. Did you know StumbleUpon has a “Paid Discovery” tool.  It’s true StumbleUpon provides potential advertisers with three different types of packages: Light, Standard and Premium. I’ll elaborate… StumbleUpon Light By now hopefully your business’ site is already in the StumbleUpon database (if it isn’t, go do that!).  The “Light” package allows you to advertise your website as a stumble through targeting by interest, location and demographics. This package includes basic reporting to alert you on how the stumbling is progressing, and integration with Google Analytics. StumbleUpon Standard These stumbles are reserved priority serving in content streams.  Along with all of the features of the “Light” package, it also comes with advanced targeting by device (web or mobile) and advanced reporting. StumbleUpon Premium If you pull out all the stops for this one your stumble will get guaranteed top serving in content streams  and full-out reporting and targeting- along, of course, with all of the features of the previous two packages.

StumbleUpon Ads-The Low-Down: 

The nice thing about StumbleUpon’s “Paid Discovery” platform is the small bit of comfort businesses may get for knowing a little more pointedly what kind of bang they’ll be getting for their buck.  As we pointed out last week at SocialNicole, the majority of social media traffic originates from StumbleUpon so there’s that silver lining.  Even moreso, unlike Facebook and Twitter’s advertising, when you advertise on StumbleUpon its as a stumble for users- you don’t need to rely on their curiosity for them to click on your ad, as they are already at your website.  Not to mention, there’s no need for you to spend the extra time creating an ad!

StumbleUpon Ads-The Cost:

For “Light” packages, the fee is $.05 per visitor.  “Standard” is $.10 per engaged visitor and “Premium” bumps up to $.25 per engaged visitor.  This can be a little daunting, however, as this leaves little control in your hands.  However, you can still set a budget. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at our last social media paid advertisement opportunity: LinkedIn! While you’re waiting, why don’t you take a peek at StumbleUpon’s “Paid Discovery” ads and tell us what you think?  Leave a comment below! Photo Credit 1  

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