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New Facebook Ads: What Are They and How Will They Affect You?

new facebook adsSocial media continues to have a great influence on people’s decisions to purchase products and services. After introducing Facebook hashtags earlier this year, Facebook has also recently implemented new Facebook ads. These revolutionary ads, called Post Pages, links ads directly onto Facebook user’s Newsfeeds (Facebook’s current ads are displayed on the right hand side). But this isn’t the best part: new Post Page links also allow for a new kind of direct marketing to consumers. These new ads target consumers using data collected from the user’s browsing and search history. This new market approach will also collect search terms from the search engines users have used and will find potential products and/services that customers may be interested in. Fox Business quoted Facebook, saying “Facebook said it will make ads more social, utilizing users’ data to better target ads rather than using traditional display advertising.” This way of marketing is personal and tailored to the customer’s shopping preferences. It directly markets to Facebook users’ potential interests, suggesting products and/or services for indulging purposes and necessity uses. It aims to be more creative and social, moving away from traditional marketing ads. These more interactive ads are meant to attract more customers and generate more returns for businesses. Let’s look at an example of the new Facebook ads in action. Assume a customer is on your printing company website looking at your newest business cards, but leaves your site without purchasing any. Immediately after that consumer leaves your site, you could be on Facebook, showing that customer a persuasive ad image and testimonial from a professional who has purchased and used your snazzy business cards. Just like that, your customer is convinced and heads back to your site to make the purchase. These ads placed on Facebook users’ Newsfeeds allow businesses to market using different mediums such as plain text, images, videos, testimonials, links and much more. New Facebook ads will build a community of new potential customers and will encourage returning customers to make more purchases. This new way of marketing is personal and tailored to customer shopping needs, striving to connect with customers on a new level that may change the social media marketing game like its never been changed before. Photo Credit

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