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Developing Your Personal Brand

your personal brandIndividually, you are a brand. All that you share publicly and post online is available for anyone in cyberspace to view. Your personal brand is a great way to network and possibly land you great opportunities. Whether you are fresh out of school or looking for something new, branding yourself is an important part of your career. Developing your personal brand is also important even if you’re not looking to start or change your job. An established personal brand will make you look polished and appear trustworthy – both important qualities to attracting new clients and maintaining relationships with current ones. We’ve developed a few key tips to get you on track to promote your personal brand effectively.

1. Positive Posts

Be positive. Avoid ranting about negative or current controversial events. Instead, reflect on the events relevant to you and your chosen industry. Show how your opinion is unique, but avoid harsh judgements or narrow thinking. Learn all that you can and then teach your audience something new. This is a way to establish credibility on your channels and once your peers trust you, they will be more likely to return to view your work. Spark stimulating conversation, not controversial debate.

2. Personal Portfolio

Look at personal branding as an opportunity to display your personal portfolio of the things that you’ve done in the past and are currently working on. This shows professionalism and displays your background in your particular area. This can be done through visuals and/or writing. Display whatever work you feel most confident will grab the attention of viewers and your target audience. An organized and polished portfolio speaks volumes without you having to say a word.

3. Proofread

Be sure to carefully proofread and make sure that all of your posts are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Do not rely on spell check alone – sometimes programs are not able to catch all mistakes. Make sure your messaging is cohesive, straight forward, and easy to understand. Read over all your posts yourself and ask a trustworthy friend to read over important pieces before the final submission.

4. Invite Friends

Invite friends to read or view your posts. This can be great virtual word-of-mouth exposure and could potentially spark new networking opportunities. If you know your friends will be checking out your content, you’ll be more likely to post things that will capture attention and get people talking. Keep your posts interesting and consistent. If you become known as someone who provides great content, people will keep coming back for more and wonder what other skills and ideas you have yet to share. Developing and consistently promoting your personal brand is becoming an even more important part of job searching and career maintenance. Remember to have a clear focus and purpose to your personal brand. Don’t be afraid to show people who you are, what you care about, and the skills that you bring to the table. Your personal brand is an exciting opportunity to be creative and honest all the while developing a professional and polished name that will attract positive attention. Photo Credit

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