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Content Marketing in a Mobile World

With technology constantly changing around us, sometimes the idea of continually adapting our marketing goals to match seems like an impossible feat. But when it comes to your company’s content marketing, knowing how to adapt for a mobile society is a must. According to Kylie Jane Wakefield of  The Content Strategist Google predicted that this year, one billion people will access the Internet using mobile devices. With so many of your customers looking at your content on their mobile devices, there are a few key rules to follow in order to make your content marketing a mobile success. Offer a Mobile-friendly Website Websites often don’t translate well onto mobile devices. Sure, you have taken the time to develop content relevant to your business and interesting to your users, but the rules change when you have to impress customers on a four-inch screen. Users expect sites to load quickly and flow smoothly. Shane Ketterman of CopyBlogger  recommends using (X)HTML/CSS web designs, and avoiding Flash and Javascript when designing your site for mobile use. Strive to make your most important content bold and easily accessible. Users are looking for quick and easy scanning, especially if they’re on your site to view content for pleasure (i.e. your content marketing content). This is a step that’s important not to skip – if users can’t even comfortably access your site on their smartphone, they won’t be looking at your content at all. Draw Users With Emails To access mobile users, focus on email as an enticing platform. According to Nielen’s research, mobile users are spending two out of every five minutes reading emails on their devices. On smartphones, email is quick and easy to access, so using it to push out your latest content share is a great idea. Be sure to make links and text large enough to read and photos small enough to fit a mobile screen. A customer’s quick look at your latest photo share or event update via email is an awesome way to reach a wider audience – and you never know how many customers will be impressed with your email content, and proceed to your well-constructed and mobile-friendly website! (At some point in this paragraph we could insert a plug in for next month’s blog, since it’s going to include email marketing – something like, “Stay tuned next month for even more tips on using email to market your company!”) Consider Developing an App In a world where there’s an app for everything, consumers often expect their favorite companies to be up on that trend. Apps can be a great outlet for your content marketing. By creating an app with interesting content that’s relatable to your business, you are connecting with customers without insisting that they look at what your particular business is selling. For example, if you’re a bridal boutique, develop an app following the latest trends in dress design and sharing the newest ideas in center pieces. Apps offer an instant connection to your user, helping them associate your company’s name with a user-friendly application that feeds them information on-the-go. But Don’t Forget About Social Media Popular social media sites have already made the full mobile transition, meaning that Facebook, Twitter, etc. are already fit to meet mobile-users needs. And this is good news for companies working on their content marketing strategies! Keep pushing out unique and relevant content through your social media outlets. Because so many customers are already accessing Facebook or Twitter through smartphone apps, this is a great and easy way to connect to your mobile audience. Let’s face it: we’re living in a mobile world. With our face-paced lifestyles, we expect our devices to keep up with us. And if the internet is shaping our on-the-go lives, our content marketing must react appropriately. By following these few simple steps, your company is on its way to connecting with customers constantly – even when they’re on-the-go. Photo Credit

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