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Content Marketing Help: Learn the Basics

content marketing help Content marketing is very essential to having a successful business and/or gaining new customers. It is the heart of having a great marketing plan. It drives traffic to your website and social channels, all while potentially influencing sales of your product and/or service. Because the process can get complicated, we want to provide some content marketing help. Content marketing does not necessarily mean that you are always selling your business. Rather, it is the content that you put out there for the public to view. This content informs readers about the field of your business and relatable topics. But developing a great content marketing plan isn’t always easy – so we’ve dwindled it down to the basics, giving you the basic content marketing help that you need.

The Rules of Posting

1. Related Content

As mentioned before, it is important to post content related to your field of business. It doesn’t make sense to own a fashion blog and post about cooking. Sharing current news about your field of business shows that you are informed about your area of expertise. Doing research on your field of business also gives you insight on competitors in the market and keeps you up-to-date about changes you will need to make in your own business to keep you on top of your game.

2. Effective Title

Having an effective title will intrigue readers to open your post in the first place to read about it. Research key terms that people would use to describe your business and try to include that in your article title. Search to find great websites that can help you choose an effective title, read other blogs within your industry, and ask other field experts for ideas when deciding on a catchy title that will draw in customers.

3. Research

There is a ton of information out on the Internet, just waiting to be found. To help your credibility, seek information from well-known websites and experts. Avoid very opinionated content from the Internet about your field of business. Your content should be unbiased since the opinions of readers are unpredictable. Make sure that the news is current and well-researched before posting from any of your channels.

4. Length

After ensuring you provide enough information on the content, do not exceed 1-2 pages of writing. There is only so much information you can provide on a topic. It can bore the audience if your post is too long. Be concise in your post and get straight to the purpose of the post. This will save readers time and should give readers the answer they were looking for. Have too much content? Split up your posts into a series – this will leave customers coming back for more. These are just the basics of content marketing. Once you’ve mastered these few skills, there’s plenty more to learn about how to make your company’s content marketing plan the best that it can be. Interested in some help developing a plan? Connect with SocialNicole – we’d love to help! Photo Credit

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