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When it comes to content creation, are you on a mission?

  youtube Note from Nicole:  I am happy to have my friend and colleague Jeff Achen on the blog today as a guest author. Please enjoy his post about content creation. To learn more about Jeff, please scroll to the bottom of the post for his biography. Guest blog by Jeff Achen As I stood looking in the bathroom mirror at my reflection, I wasn’t satisfied. In middle age I’d acquired a few more wrinkles and a few more pounds than I had intended. It was, of course, a result of poor diet and not enough physical activity. It was time to make a lifestyle change. runningSo, I started eating better and making exercise a priority. Soon, I was losing weight, feeling better and living healthier. But, in order to make it really work for the long term, it all had to become habitual. In using social media for business—as in healthy living—success comes from a proper state of mind, not just a plan or strategy. As a videographer and photographer, I often help organizations create compelling content for their social networks and marketing plans. But, one promotional YouTube video every two years isn’t going to go very far in helping businesses reach their strategic, financial or aspirational goals.

Content is King for Social Media Marketing

Quality content is a good, kind and beloved king. Photos, videos, blog posts and the like must therefore be more than mere “to-do” items on your content calendar. They must be nothing less than the inspired creation of the heart and soul of your company or organization. This comes down to a state of mind. Are you and your co-workers coming to work everyday to execute a plan, or to fulfill a mission? If I had eaten my broccoli and ran 3 miles after dinner simply because I had to check it off my to-do list, I doubt this lifestyle change would have stuck. Instead, I looked at each day’s food choices and activities as a choice to live healthier, feel better and look great. I was on a mission.

Are you on a mission? Does your content reflect that state of mind? It should, and here’s how:

  1. Re-read your organization’s mission statement and/or values right now.
  2. How would your mission manifest itself in the form of advice on a blog post?
  3. How would your mission manifest itself in the form of videos on your YouTube channel?
  4. How would your mission manifest itself in visuals such as photos or infographics?
  5. Ask your staff if they could share one piece of advice related to your business or mission that would help make the world a better place, what would it be? The answers may be fodder for your next blog post or video.
  6. Re-evaluate (or create) a content calendar and make sure it holds true to the values of your organization and that it equips those in your social networks with what they need to help you fulfill your mission.
  7. When you work with professional content creators such as Nicole or myself, be sure to explore the ways in which we can help you create content more effectively and affordably over the long term, not simply on a project or promotional basis.

Final Thought: Make Sure Your Content Has Purpose

And finally, make sure that when it comes to blogging, social networking, creating and posting photos and/or videos, that each resonates with purpose. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering information, but it should reflect a coherent state of mind about what ever it is that you are in the business of doing. —

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Jeff Achen is the owner of CallSign51, a creative services company specializing in photography, video production and website design. Jeff served as the digital strategist for from 2010 until 2014 and continues to serve as a consultant to organizations and individuals in the area of content strategy and visual marketing.

Photo Credit 1: Flickr user “Jo Nakashima” — Source
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