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Is a Community Manager the Solution You’re Seeking?

Will a Community Manager take you to the next level?

At SocialNicole we’re taking the week to help you focus on two aspects of your business’ social media marketing that you may not have considered: Community Managers and Outsourcing.  We receive questions as to the benefits of both these options and decided, “Why not? Let’s share our knowledge!” Each day from now until Friday we’ll be sharing this knowledge with you. The first stop in our series answers the question: “Does your business need a Community Manager?”

Community Managers have been around for years, but only recently have they gained a bit more space in the limelight.  With social media platforms dominating a large chunk of the marketing/advertising scene it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to branch out and hire a trained professional who can manage the onslaught of its online community. What is a Community Manager? In essence, a Community Manager is a cultivator of relationships.  After all, that is what social media is all about.  A Community Manager drives and assists conversations about your business.  The sign of a successful Community Manager is whether or not they can keep your business “in the conversation.” This may or may not gain you a customer, but it will truly keep your business on your followers’ lips and in the back of their mind. But does your business need one? If you simply have a Facebook and Twitter and someone in your business is actively updating it day-to-day, you probably don’t have an immediate need for a Community Manager.  But if you’re looking to take your social media marketing to the next level (gaining awareness, rapport, drive interaction, increase customer service) then a Community Manager may be in the cards for you. What does a Community Manager do? While not every Community Manager position entails the same routine, your Community Manager will normally spend the majority of their day managing your social media.  Whether it be replying to customers/followers/fans, marketing company updates, promoting events, fielding questions, linking to industry articles, creating lists, connecting with valuable resources- they are in the muck of it. In addition, your Community Manager will be tasked with coming up with a social media plan for the business detailing where you want to go with your online marketing and the potential avenues to take. If a Community Manager seems like just the ticket for your business, stay tuned for our follow-up article on Tips for Hiring A Community Manager. Photo Credit 1

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