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An Easy Guide to Changing Your Twitter Header Image

Have you noticed anything new about Twitter? Take a look at your profile and you may see something a little different. Twitter has unveiled the Header Image. Similar to a cover photo on Facebook or Google+, these images are different from your profile picture and are meant to be unique and represent you or your brand! Be sure to explore your new page and look at your updated profile. You’ll see you still have your same background, profile picture and information just organized a little different. Just another way Twitter is staying up-to-date in the social media game and another way for you to stand out! With any new social media site feature, there seems to be a panic on figuring it out and getting it right. Fear not, the Twitter header image is pretty simple to change!

Here’s our quick and easy 4 step guide to changing your Twitter header image:

1. Click the the “Settings” icon which allows you the option of selecting “Edit Profile”.

2. Once you’ve clicked “Edit profile” Twitter will take you to a new page.  On the left-hand side, click “Design” and then scroll down until “Customize your own” appears and a “Change header” box is visible on the right-hand side.

3.  Click “Change header” and a drop-down menu will appear with two option: “Choose existing image” or “Remove”.

4. After choosing an image, take note of sizing requirements. Although you can scale and move your image, the original file cannot exceed 1252×626 pixels or a maximum file size of 5MB Voila! You’ve successfully changed your header image. Now this is very basic, and you will want to play around with images, sizes, etc. Remember, your avatar now appears in front of the header image so be careful what you put behind it! Let us know what you think of Twitter’s header image in the comments below!

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