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Why Conduct A Digital Marketing Audit Every Year

Digital Marketing Audit Versus Social Media Marketing Audit: What’s the Difference? So you clicked on the link for this story and you immediately see we have switched our terminology from digital marketing audit to social media marketing audit. And you say, “what gives?” And honestly you are more likely saying “what is the difference among digital […]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic By 100%

Did this blog post catch your attention? If you are like many companies you would love to increase your website traffic by 100%! I am writing this blog post to share with you the story of how SocialNicole did this with our own website/blog, giving you the same tricks and tips we used to accomplish […]

Landing Pages Checklist

Landing pages are often overlooked – sometimes they don’t seem as important as other marketing efforts. But as online marketing continues to grow, so does the importance of effective and engaging landing pages. To ensure your lofty Internet marketing plans go, well, according to plan, make sure you allow time to focus on your landing […]

Adventure into Flickr: Finding Free Pictures for your Blog

At SocialNicole we write a lot of blogs. Blogs on all sorts of unique online marketing topics, from simple straightforward tutorials (like this one) or in-depth forays into social media strategies. But when it comes time to write these blogs, for me, the task of actually sitting down and pounding out the material is not […]

WordPress Plugins: Simple Solutions for the Client In-Need

As a website development firm SocialNicole employs some brilliant programmers. Unfortunately, programmers require a higher rate of billing than many other consultants we utilize. I am always happy to pay for developers as they create magic everyday online and it’s worth every penny. Yet as a virtual agency, SocialNicole is also very conscious of helping […]

WordPress for SEO? Absolutly

How can developing a website in WordPress help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The answer boils down to your definition of SEO. My answer may seem vague, but bear with me 🙂 SEO is providing access for any search engine on the web to find you. We approach this from many different angels. The obvious […]

Why Use WordPress for Business Websites?

Greetings!  Obviously every business should have a website as part of their marketing efforts.  This much we know.  What can be uncertain is how to approach getting one put together and I think more importantly, how to maintain that site going forward as an active part of your business plan. This is where an important […]