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Why Conduct A Digital Marketing Audit Every Year

Digital Marketing Audit Versus Social Media Marketing Audit: What’s the Difference? So you clicked on the link for this story and you immediately see we have switched our terminology from digital marketing audit to social media marketing audit. And you say, “what gives?” And honestly you are more likely saying “what is the difference among digital […]

How To: Use Keywords to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Focusing on optimizing your blog posts for optimal user traffic is no new idea. But if you’re new to blogging, you need to know that optimization is a key ingredient to a successful blog. Here at SocialNicole, we prefer the incredible Yoast SEO plugin to help us optimize our posts. But there are so many […]

How Social Media Affects SEO

Is social media the new SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Not quite. In fact, many people don’t realize that social media directly impacts your brand’s search engine optimization efforts. But how social media affects SEO might surprise you. Social media works with SEO to determine your brand’s visibility, and it has become a top ranking factor […]

2013 in Review: Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

“SEO” has become a common term in the online marketing world, but what does it mean? Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps ensure that your website performs as well as it can on specific search engines. By using Google’s keyword tool, you can easily optimize your WordPress site with plugins. As we approach the new […]

Connecting Google AdWords to Google Analytics

Connecting your Google Analytics account to your Google AdWords account will give you post click insights into the performance of your paid search advertising.  Using analytics reporting you will be able to measure what happens after a user clicks your ad and comes to your website.  Having AdWords data connected will give you the reports […]

Infographic: Why Content for SEO?

It’s no secret – Google loves content and the latest release of changes to Google’s algorithm titled “Panda” are geared towards quality content as a leading indicator to whether or not a website is higher quality and deserving of a high search engine ranking. The key word here is quality – in the past it […]