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Share a Facebook post from your Newsfeed at a later time

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Newsfeed on Facebook and found a post you really wanted to share, but did not want to share it immediately. We, at SocialNicole, have definitely been in that boat before and wondered if there was a way to share the post at a later time. Lucky for […]

Social Media Contests: Benefits and Tips

If you spend time on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms you may have probably seen contests and tried your luck at one or two. There is something intriguing about entering your name in a drawing, answering a question or liking something if you have the potential to get something out of it! But […]

How to Curate Killer Content for Social Media

If you’re in the business of social media marketing you already know one thing to be true, content is king. This is stated all the time… and for good reason. Without compelling content, your readers and potential clients have no reason to actually care about you or the business you manage. Now that we’ve established […]

5 Ways To Connect On Twitter

Twitter can be an overwhelming place, especially when you are a newer user, or only use the platform once in awhile. Where does one even start? Throughout my time managing social media, I’ve learned these are the five best ways to connect on Twitter as you’re just starting out. 1. Use Hashtags Using hashtags allows […]

Getting Started with Your Business Online

Let’s say you are starting a new business, or perhaps you are finally deciding to bring your business online. How do you get started? This is a guide with some basics. The actual, specific strategy for every business will be unique, and there are many questions you will have to answer based on looking at […]

Make Blogging Suck Less: How to Be Your Own Editor

Not every business has the luxury of having its own editor on staff. Not every company has enough staff to even grab a second pair of eyes on a piece. Especially if you don’t have the budget to have someone edit for you, you are on your own! If you’ve gotten over your writer’s block and […]

What Your Business LinkedIn Is (and What It Isn’t)

Your brand identity is everything. It may be easy to see other platforms like Facebook and Twitter and their use in your online brand identity, but if you have a business and you’re not on LinkedIn, you are miles behind. When you utilize the perks of LinkedIn, it can be a great place for networking and […]

Facebook Reviews Make or Break Online Marketing Efforts

Online marketing is immense. It’s no surprise that many people have a hard time prioritizing all the aspects of digital marketing that all seem equally important. I’m here to tell you that one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of online marketing is the Facebook review. I typically advise clients to identify the different locations […]

How to Get More Views on YouTube

The thousands of articles on using social media for a small business will tell you that your brand should be personable, helpful and easy to connect with. Although often forgotten, using YouTube to promote your business is a way to engage your audience and another way to get people interested in what you have to […]

Marketing Management Is Not About Being Tricky

For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you bring up the word “marketing” and you will get a lot of grimaces and unhappy reactions. Here are some claims I’ve heard about marketing: • It’s so in your face! • All you do is talk about yourself or your products! • It’s just pushing your stuff […]