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Why Personalization in Customer Service Leads to Repeat Customers

  Being a fan or a follower in an online community can sometimes be tough. You’re loyal to a brand or company, you retweet what they post, you like their statuses, you comment on photos, but in the end sometimes you feel like you’re nothing more than a click on their page. As a business, […]

What Retail has Taught me about Customer Service

Like any young person, I’ve spent a good chunk of my life within the retail world. Not shopping, rather, part-time work. My retail work history included associate work for 2 large retail chains (I won’t name names here.) And while the experience has been one I’d hope to not have to repeat, I do owe […]

Media Relations: Creative Story Positioning Gets Results

How do you get some visibility for a nonprofit with an event to raise money for their great cause? Especially when you are competing for visibility with many other nonprofits, also with a great cause? Creative positioning. When the Minneapolis Parks Foundation approached us at SocialNicole to assist them in generating buzz for an October […]