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MinnSPRA Spring Conference

I’m excited to be a part of tomorrow’s MinnSPRA (Minnesota School Public Relations Association) spring conference! The conference, entitled “Back to the Future: What’s Worked in the Past and What’s Needed Today,” will explore new ideas and tools to approach school marketing and digital communications in new and effective ways. I’m looking forward to speaking […]

Applebee’s Social Media Meltdown: Tips to avoid social PR disasters

Social media has changed the world as we know it. And with that the old standards for public relations have also changed. Technology has made this a customer centric world and the importance of hiring the right people to be part of your PR/Social Media/Marketing team cannot be stressed enough! It seems just when we […]

Top Marketing and Advertising Networking Organizations in Minnesota

Networking and connecting is an important part of any job. And whether you’ve just moved to a new place, or are looking to grow in an area you’ve lived in for years, focusing your local networking is crucial to the potential growth of your professional opportunities. There are a plethora of helpful marketing and communicaitons […]

PitchEngine: Another Tool in Your PR Belt

Looking for an easy way to get your latest news out there, and share it with the world with just a push of a button?  Look no further! PitchEngine is a service that allows companies an easy way to publish news, rather than simply creating a traditional press release.  A huge asset to any organization, […]

The News Release: It’s Alive!

You may be only a headline into this blog right now and already asking yourself: Wait, aren’t news releases a little ‘old news’? You’re not alone in thinking this unfortunate thought. The sad fact is that the Internet has put the idea into audience’s heads that the news (press) release is, altogether, obsolete. And we […]

SocialNicole Participating in Alliance for Women in Media Event

I’m proud to announce that I will be participating in an Alliance for Women in Media event in Minneapolis on Thursday, September 13th as part of their 2012 Symposia Series!  The event itself, Signature: Building the Brand That Is You, will focus on branding and brand imaging through a series of speakers, panel discussions and sessions. It’s an honor […]

5 Steps to the Perfect PR Pitch

No matter how unique and compelling your business’ story may be, a well-thought out pitch can make or break whether or not you can achieve media attention. Pair an artfully-crafted pitch with a solid relationship with your chosen reporter, check out “The Nature of the Beast” Reporter & Media 101: 5 Traits You Need to […]

Creating and Utilizing Media Lists on Twitter

What’s one thing that makes your business, nonprofit, group, club or even yourself successful? Publicity. It’s essential in getting your story, mission, event or news into the public eye. While you may have tried contacting news and media outlets in some traditional ways such as e-mail or phone, there’s is another way that can help […]

A Cheap Logo Cheapens You

There have been countless rants on this subject, but it bears repeating, if only to save others from making the same mistake. A recent experience, (I won’t go into details to protect the innocent), has reminded me that the crowd-sourcing machine is hard at work convincing well-meaning and otherwise savvy small business start-ups and the […]

“The Nature of the Beast” Reporter & Media 101: 5 Traits You Need to Know

Reporters. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, if you want to garner awareness for your business you’ll have to begin cultivating relationships with your local media and reporters.  And just like any good relationship, a solid foundation begins in a mutual understanding of each party. As a former journalist-turned-PR-enthusiast, I’ve worked in the newsroom with all types […]