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Buying into Paid Ads- Going the extra mile with your social media marketing

So you’re probably asking yourself- Why would I pay for advertising space on a social media network when I can use it  for free already? Good question! At SocialNicole Online Marketing we help our clients build strong social media communities organically, but that does not mean paid advertising does not have a place. Using paid ads strategically can help give the extra push a client needs when building their branded social media presence, running a campaign or simply getting the word out about an important event. Let’s take Facebook, for example.  Yes you can network fans to your fanpage, but there are some people you just may not be able to reach with the traditional “free” networking that’s available with most social media.  This is where paid ads step in to save the day. During this introduction to paid advertising I’ll be focusing on four of the largest social media platforms on our tongues in today’s society: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon.  Since all four are relatively new to the market of paid advertisements, I’ll give you the knowledge you’ll need to pick which one you think would fit your needs the best- but it’ll be your job to check back in and report on what has worked the best for you! Each day this week, I’ll focus on one of these four social media channels and what they offer their users for paid advertisements.  I’ll describe how it works, the low-down on its overall benefits/pitfalls and how much each costs. So get ready and don’t miss a post! Sign up now for SocialNicole blog updates delivered free to your email box! Tomorrow we’ll start with the ever-popular Facebook! Photo Credit

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